Welcome to Broadmead Labradors

Victoria, B.C. Canada

CKC Registered Kennel #25062081


I am dedicated to the breeding of yellow labradors that are sound in temperament and body.

We feel that labs are the best possible dog for many situations and that their breeding should reflect their versatility. They should be excellent show dogs, working dogs, hunting dogs, and companion dogs! Any breeding that selects to the detriment of one of these uses causes a failure in the breed in my opinion.  I always breed to the very best available studs that exemplify this breeds’ type with a minimum of good to excellent Orthopedic Foundation for Animals rated hips and normal elbows as well as being certified a non- genetic carrier of progressive retinal atrophy (a recessive, genetically carried blindness that can now be avoided through genetic testing and careful breeding). My goal is to progressively improve this breed , and provide sound puppies who can carry the name Labrador Retriever with pride!

Broadmead Labradors is a small hobby breeder. My dogs come first, before any breeding program, so litters are spaced well and carefully planned. Because of this, puppies’ availability is limited.

Please fill out our Broadmead Labrador Questionnaire pdf.pdf and email it to me if you are interested in one of our puppies. Or:  Broadmead Labradors Puppy Owner Questionnaire.doc



There will be puppies available this summer. 2023.